Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cohen Calls Perry "Intellectually Unqualified" To Be President

Washington Post opinion columnist Richard Cohen wrote Monday, "The Republican Texas governor clings to an ice floe of diminishing credibility, emerging in just about a week’s time as intellectually unqualified to be president." He concludes his column with another similar statement, "It’s not his thinking I fear. It’s the lack of any at all."

Cohen's claim about being "intellectually unqualified" to be President would more appropriate for the current President than the candidate from Texas. It is this President who has presided over the largest decline in the workforce. (Regardless of fault, Obama's policies have done nothing to prevent the decline.) It is this President who has proposed plan after plan to fix the economy, and seen each and every plan fail. It is this President who submitted a budget to the Senate that not only failed to receive approval of a single Republican, but also failed to win approval of a single Democrat. It is this President who announces that he is cutting regulation of business while simultaneously signing bills including two of the biggest increases in business regulation. (Dodd-Frank Financial Reform and Affordable Care Act) Perhaps before examining the intellectual capabilities of Presidential candidates, Cohen should examine whether the current President is any better qualified intellectually.

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