Monday, October 31, 2011

WordBites: October 31, 2011

WordBites - October 31, 2011
"Soundbites, except with words!"

It's not a great way to get a free cruise, but five people received a free trip back to New York on a cruise ship after their boat went down in the Atlantic Ocean. A shout-out is in order for the brave crew members who rescued the five people.

Yesterday, the world's population passed the seven billion mark. However, not even this can come without controversy, as it is seen by supporters of population control as an opportunity to argue that the world is becoming overpopulated. Next mark: 8 billion, expected in 2025.

In national news, the White House has announced that it will review all Energy Department loans in the wake of the Solyndra scandal. The White House is promising that it will take a look at the conditions under which these loan guarantees are granted. (On a side note, why did it take two months for someone to think, "Maybe we should look into why we loaned money to a company that was going bankrupt"?)

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