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The Final Five: December 14, 2011

The Final Five: Bedtime Stories for Conservatives
December 14, 2011

Thought of the Day:
President Obama is heartbroken that families are having to feed their families at food banks. Of course that's heartbreaking to him! Every piece of food given through the food bank is one less that is provided through government food stamp programs.

News of Note:

- Microsoft co-founder to build spacecraft

- Atheists win "random lottery" for Christmas display places

- Egyptians vote in second round of elections

- GOP wants to change mandatory defense cuts

- Postal Service won't make cuts until May

- The government knows what's best for you: NTSB wants national cell phone driving ban

Tonight's Crazy Story:
Pennsylvania Man Has Fake Obituary For Mother Published To Get Time Off Work
Imagine opening the paper and reading your own obituary. A Pennsylvania man had a fake obituary published so that he could get paid bereavement leave at work. At least since he loves his job so much, he will get some more time off: he now faces charges of disorderly conduct.

The Final Five: Number 5
How is New Poverty like New Coke?
Mickey Kaus at The Daily Caller explains the ridiculous nature of the new poverty calculations. "Specifically, he notes, the New Poverty Line line isn’t really a measure of what people “need.” For one thing, it starts its calculations at “the 30th to 35th percentiles of spending on food, clothing and shelter by two-adult, two-child families,” who are among the most prosperous families, compared with say, one parent, two child families–indeed, even at the 33d percentile their income is apparently above the median income for all families of all types. (There seems to be some complicated fiddling with this measure to bring it a little more back in line with reality, which only adds to the New Poverty Line’s incomprehensibility.)"

There's Always Time for a Laugh:
"According to a new survey, some people are waiting until after Christmas to do their holiday shopping. Yeah, these people are known as men."
-Conan O'Brien, 12/13/11

The Final Five: Number 4
We Need More Fighters in Congress
Daniel Horowitz explains at RedState why the conservative/tea-party movement is failing in Congress: there are not enough conservative fighters. "The defeat of Ron Johnson for a leadership post in the Senate should serve as a wakeup call to conservatives. Despite our hard work during the 2010 elections, we have not done enough to elect conservative warriors to Congress. Too many people assume that we have successfully flushed the Senate of liberal Republicans, with the exception of a few senators from the northeast. The truth is just the opposite. With the exception of a few fighters such as DeMint, Paul, Lee, Toomey, Johnson, Rubio, and a handful of others, we have no one who is willing to fight day and night to reverse the inexorable tide of statism."

Debt Watch:
On Tuesday, the federal government only spent $6,255,804,729.87 over its income, bringing the national debt at the end of business yesterday to:

The Final Five: Number 3
They Mean Well. Really?
American Thinker's Victor Volsky explains why conservatives should not be so quick to believe that liberals "mean well." "...liberals never feel bound by any moral constraints dealing with conservatives. In any war, the enemy must be dehumanized so as to stiffen the warriors' resolve and inure him to the bloody task at hand. So liberals feel no compunction lying and cheating to bring down the conservative enemy -- after all, the holy cause justifies any means, however reprehensible they may be otherwise. Until conservatives understand the ruthless mindset of their "friends across the aisle," they will continue to operate at a huge disadvantage in the political arena."

Tweets of the Day:
Chris Cuomo (@ChrisCuomo): #tsa - 1 guy checking ID's at JFK. 100 in line. 4 other tsa's doing diddly. This is why gov gets a bad name.

The Final Five: Number 2
Obama Knew the Depth of the Economic Problems
Stephen Hayes from The Weekly Standard argues that Obama did know the extent of our economic problems, despite his claims to the contrary. "President Obama used this line Tuesday in an interview with KIRO in Seattle, saying that he wished he understood just how deep the economic problems were when he took office. Obama said: “I think we understood that it was bad but we didn’t know how bad it was.” He added: “I think I could have prepared the American people for how bad this was going to be had we had a sense of that.” So was Barack Obama surprised by the seriousness of the economic problems in 2008, as he now claims? In a word: No."

Food for Thought - A Quote from our Founders
"History by apprising [citizens] of the past will enable them to judge of the future; it will avail them of the experience of other times and other nations; it will qualify them as judges of the actions and designs of men; it will enable them to know ambition under every disguise it may assume; and knowing it, to defeat its views."
-Thomas Jefferson

The Final Five: Number 1
Obama is the Jobs Grinch
American Thinker's Jeffrey Folks argues that Obama has gone out of his way to kill good jobs. "By every objective measure, the Obama presidency has been a failure. Had the president simply stood by and done nothing, the economy would have done better than it has. Instead, Obama has gone out of his way to kill off jobs. The NLRB attempt to block Boeing from building the 787 Dreamliner in South Carolina is a good example. That outrageous attack on the right of a company to do business where and how it sees fit sent a chilling message -- not only to Boeing, but to every employer in America. That message was that government can deploy its "protection squadrons" of lawyers and bureaucrats to crush any private enterprise that gets in the way of the social good, as defined by The Leader. That has been the message to Boeing, to Gibson Guitar Company, to AT&T (in its proposed merger with T-Mobile), to America's health insurance companies in the run-up to passage of ObamaCare, to the Big Banks, and to Big Oil."

Tomorrow in History
December 15, 1791 - The Virginia General Assembly ratifies the United States Bill of Rights, giving ten amendments enough support to officially be added to the Constitution.

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