Saturday, August 20, 2011

Exposing Leftists Video: Petition to Redistribute GPA

According to the federal tax structure, those who earn the most money have some of it taken from them and given to those who earned less. One group took the same idea and applied it to college GPA. Those who earn a 4.0 obviously have an excessive GPA and need to have some of it taken and given to those who are struggling to graduate, right? You can watch more videos on their website,

Friday, August 19, 2011

White House Asks for Spending Cut Plans

With a majority of Americans wanting spending caps and a balanced budget amendment, White House Budget Chief Jacob Lew told all executive heads to submit plans for five and ten percent budget cuts in the coming year. While this plan sounds good and is likely to be met with approval of the American public, plans to cut spending are not enough. We need to see these plans implemented and used to reduce the deficit before they will be of any use.

Obama "Giving In To Temptation"

In a speech last month, Obama told La Raza that it is "tempting" to change immigration laws on his own. Instead of responding with shock, they applauded him. In case you missed it, here's the video.

Now, it appears that Obama is giving in to these temptations. The Washington Times is reporting that the Obama administration will no longer push for deportation of illegal immigrants who do not pose a public safety or national security threat. This is a way to circumvent Congress and force through the executive what Obama could not get through Congress. Although the administration claims it has the power to determine which cases need greater priority, this is not a matter of priorities. Establishing priorities would mean changing the order of cases while still handling all of them. This is dropping all cases except where there are security concerns, something that is much different prioritizing.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Obama Tour Bus Made In Canada

"Buy American" is one of the ideas the current administration has pushed as a way to create jobs. However, the administration seems to be caught in a "do as I say, not as I do" situation. The New York Post is reporting that the buses Obama is using for his bus tour were made in Canada. That's correct, the government paid $2.2 million to purchase these buses from an American dealer, a dealer who then turned to a Canadian manufacturer to produce the buses.

The administration will certainly try to pass this off by feigning ignorance. This may be the case, but it seems like a great oversight on the part of the administration to not make sure that this purchase would create American jobs. No matter the actual cause, it definitely seems hypocritical for the President to create Canadian jobs so that he can travel the country discussing how to create American jobs.

Seattle's Green Jobs "Success"

Last year, Seattle was awarded a $20 million grant from the Department of Energy. The grant was supposed to help retrofit older buildings in the city to reduce energy consumption. According to the press release from the mayor's office, the program would "reate significant energy savings–between 15-45 percent per building retrofitted—and will reduce an estimated 71,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions." Furthermore, the program was also expected to create around 2000 new jobs in the city.

Ready to hear about the success of this program? Here's the stats. The program has helped some hospitals and an athletic club, but it has only retrofitted three homes and created 14 jobs. Michael Woo, director of Got Green, even had to admit, "The jobs haven't surfaced yet..."

So far, this new program has done little for the community and only added more bureaucracy. 337 people have applied for the program, 14 have been accepted, and three retrofits have been completed. Fourteen jobs, mostly administrative, have been created, while 334 people are waiting for the bureaucracy to process paperwork. This program is not creating jobs: it is just wasting time and money.

Agriculture Secretary Says Food Stamps Create Jobs

Does the headline sound familiar? It should. Last week, we reported on remarks from White House Press Secretary Jay Carney saying that unemployment checks create jobs. Now, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is saying that food stamps create jobs.

With more people on unemployment and more people on food stamps than ever before, shouldn't the economy be booming?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Selective Editing: Ed Schultz Makes Rick Perry Appear Racist

It is said that you can prove anything with statistics, but Ed Schultz seems to be trying to show that you can also prove anything with soundbites. Here, Schultz shows Perry talking about a "big, black cloud hanging over America" and says that the black cloud is President Obama.

Was President Obama really the "big, black cloud" Perry was talking about? Here's the original, unedited clip.

Seems pretty clear that Perry is not talking about the President as the "big, black cloud."

Starbucks CEO Calls for Statement Against Obama, Congress

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, like many business leaders, is growing more frustrated by the political climate in Washington. However, he has decided to do something about it. Schultz sent an e-mail to other business leaders stating, "I am asking that all of us forego political contributions until the Congress and the President return to Washington and deliver a fiscally disciplined long-term debt and deficit plan to the American people..."

The best way to send a message to politicians is in their pocketbook. If they cannot raise the money to support their campaign, they will not be able to run. (See: Tim Pawlenty's 2012 Presidental Bid) Hopefully, this will help our elected officials realize the need to develop a plan to solve our economic problems.

Paul Krugman Says Faked Alien Invasion Would Help Economy

Here's a clip of "economist" Paul Krugman saying that announcing an alien invasion would help the economy, even if it later turned out to be fake.

California To Require 'Fitted Sheets'

As California struggles to deal with a $26 billion debt, state lawmakers plan to spend time in the next session discussing fitted sheets. SB432 would make it a crime for a hotel to have flat sheets instead of fitted sheets. The justification for this bill comes from the high number of back injuries suffered by hotel housekeeping staff, though there is no evidence to suggest that flat sheets alone are the problem. In fact, the bill goes on to state other (somewhat more reasonable) provisions that also attempt address this issue.

This is just another example of ridiculous legislation that creates burdens on businesses and kills jobs. Instead of trying to control industries, perhaps the government should consider allowing capitalism to work. If flat sheets are so bad, then let all the hotel maids go to the hotels that use fitted sheets, where they can get their back injuries lifting the mattresses as they put the fitted sheets on the bed. This is a choice that should be left up to the business owner, but instead, the government feels that it needs to intervene and regulate.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Florida Aims to Protect Second Amendment Rights

For almost 25 years, Florida has had a law prohibiting local governments from passing or enforcing gun restrictions that go beyond the state law, but that law had no provision for enforcement and was regularly violated by cities and counties. However, a new law scheduled to take effect Oct. 1 will provide the governor with an enforcement mechanism: a $5000 fine and potential removal from office. This law will not change any firearms provisions; it will simply allow the state to enforce existing laws on the books.

This move has received much attention from groups on both sides of the issue. Gun-control groups are claiming that this will hinder public safety efforts. However, this law does not change any existing gun laws; it only enforces the ones already on the books. If people do not like this new enforcement mechanism, then there are 49 other states and over 200 other countries they could move to.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

San Francisco Shuts Off Cellular Service To Avoid Protests

In an attempt to curb possible riots, the Bay Area Rapid Transit system shut off cellular service signals Saturday. While some people praised the decision as a good move for public safety, others claimed that it amounted to censorship. The protests did not occur as was thought, either because of misinformation received by the transit authorities or the lack of communication available at the stations.

While some may laud the BART system for the "proactive actions", I see this as another attempt to restrict our freedoms. If allowed to "flip the switch" on this matter, who can stop them from doing it again for a less serious matter. This would likely be a tactic that would be employed by a modern-day Hitler to prevent people from communicating on what the authorities are doing in their neighborhoods. While government can regulate cellular service as a whole, it should not have the ability to regulate who receives cellular service and under what circumstances they receive it. There are certainly other measures that could have been taken in order to prevent these protests from getting out of control, and those measures should have been employed first.