Friday, March 16, 2012

Government Hard at Work Solving Today's Important Problems

Our nation is going bankrupt, unemployment is still high, Iran is attempting to build a nuclear weapon, gas prices are skyrocketing, and public school students are exposing their underwear.

From FOX News:
A [Tennessee] House subcommittee on Wednesday approved Memphis Democrat Joe Towns' proposal that would prohibit any students from showing their underwear in the way they dress. WPLN radio reported the measure would require female student athletes to wear shirts over sports bras.

Knoxville Republican Bill Dunn agreed, saying he is shocked by how some female athletes dress. The bill was sent on to the House Education Committee. It hasn't moved in the Senate.

Dress codes have traditionally been left up to local school districts.

As an employee of a public school district, I enforce a dress code which includes the provisions of this Tennessee bill. However, this is a matter best left to the school district, not to the state government. Tennessee legislators need work on solving more important problems in the state and leave undergarment display issues to school principals.

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