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The Final Five: June 11, 2012

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Tonight's Crazy Story:
Nevada High School’s Diplomas Misspell "Graduation"
Another high school--this time in Nevada--is having to reprint diplomas after the diplomas misspelled "graduation" as "graduataion".

Topic One: Voting Rights Are Not Free
Star Parker explains the cost for the right to vote: "Engraved large on one of the walls of the Korean War Veterans Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, DC are the words “Freedom is not free.” It is sad that so many are unable or unwilling to appreciate the truth of this simple phrase or are ready to heed those who have or seek power who distort it. I cannot think of anything hurting us more today than false and confused notions about the nature of the ideal of freedom."

"A free society will soon not be free if the citizens in it see their freedom as something that should arrive effortlessly, free of personal responsibility, like the appearance of the morning sun. Black leaders do damage to our nation, and to our black citizens, to call requirements for a modicum of personal responsibility in order to vote racism. A study published earlier this year by the Pew Center on the States characterized America’s voter registration system as "Inaccurate, Costly, and Inefficient."

Time for a Laugh:
"Guantanamo Bay detention center is now undergoing millions of dollars of upgrades that include a new soccer field, cable TV, and enriching-your-life classes for the detainees that include learning to paint and writing a resume. Why do they need a resume? Who's going to hire these guys?"

"Remember when Obama was campaigning? Didn't he say he was going to close Guantanamo Bay? Didn't he say that? Apparently, he just meant for renovations."

-Jay Leno

Topic Two: ObamaCare
Did you hear about the ObamaCare protest this weekend? Estimates are that 1500-3500 people showed up in Chicago alone to protest the law, and many more showed up in cities across the nation. Yet the media swept the event under the rug. Meanwhile, nearly 60% of Americans view the individual mandate as a violation of Constitutional rights: "When asked directly if the requirement to buy health insurance is a violation of individual rights protected by the Constitution, 60 percent of voters say yes -- almost identical to the number who think the court should overturn at least that part of the health care law."

ObamaCare law is really about transferring power to the Executive Branch: "In fact, I have concluded that this legislation really has no intention of providing affordable healthcare choices. Instead it is a convenient cover for the most massive transfer of power to the Executive Branch of government that has ever occurred, or even been contemplated. If this law or a similar one is adopted, major portions of the Constitution of the United States will effectively have been destroyed. The first thing to go will be the masterfully crafted balance of power between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the U.S. Government. The Congress will be transferring to the Obama Administration [and later bureaucratic agencies] authority in a number of areas over the lives of the American people, and the businesses they own and operate."

Debt Watch:
( As of Friday, June 8, 2012 )

Change: +$1,994,241,105
Your share as a citizen: $50,322.87
Share per household: $137,744.36
Debt since Obama inauguration: $5,108,486,624,333

Topic Three: We Can't Cut Spending...
...because neither party is interested in cutting spending. Courtesy of RedState, we have this list of amendments which were rejected by the Republican-controlled House last week during consideration of spending bills:
McClintock (R-CA) – Cuts the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy program by $1.45 billion. Rejected 113-275.
Chaffetz (R-UT) – Cuts the Advanced Manufacturing Program by $74 million, to FY 2011 levels. Rejected 140-245.
McClintock (R-CA) – Eliminates nuclear energy research subsidies (saves $514 million). Rejected 106-281.
Chabot (R-OH) – Eliminates funding for the regional commissions, such as the Appalachian Regional Commission (saves $99.3 million). Rejected 141-276.
Blackburn (R-TN) – Cuts 1% across the board (would cut $321 million). Rejected 157-261.
Mulvaney (R-SC) – Brings the bill toward RSC budget levels by cutting a total of $3.1 billion across almost all accounts. Rejected 125-293.
King (R-IA) – Prohibits funding of Davis-Bacon union wage requirements. Rejected 184-235.
Flake (R-AZ) – Across the board spending cut that would keep funding at FY 2012 levels ($87.5 million savings). Rejected 144-274.

The article concluded, "And note that, while Members were voting against spending cuts, they also passed a Legislative Branch Appropriations bill (H.R. 5882) that would keep congressional office operating budgets the same as last year. The same? No cuts, even while Americans all over the country have to cut back their office operating budgets? Can our representatives really be this out of touch?"

Tweet of the Day:
Doug Ray (@RightCandidates): LIB RACISM (Based on reasonable evidence): A lib #Democrat requires ID in a union vote b/c it excludes minorities in union activities. #P1

Topic Four: Subprime Education
George Will compares the housing market crisis to the student loan crisis. Students are now paying more for a degree that is worth less. "The government decided that too few people owned homes/went to college, so government money was poured into subsidized and sometimes subprime mortgages/student loans, with the predictable result that housing prices/college tuitions soared and many borrowers went bust. Tuitions and fees have risen more than 440 percent in 30 years as schools happily raised prices — and lowered standards — to siphon up federal money. A recent Wall Street Journal headline: "Student Debt Rises by 8% as College Tuitions Climb."

He goes on to explain how college courses and degrees are becoming useless: "The Manhattan Institute’s Heather Mac Donald notes that sinecures in academia’s diversity industry are expanding as academic offerings contract. UC San Diego (UCSD), while eliminating master’s programs in electrical and computer engineering and comparative literature, and eliminating courses in French, German, Spanish and English literature, added a diversity requirement for graduation to cultivate “a student’s understanding of her or his identity.” So, rather than study computer science and Cervantes, students can study their identities — themselves. Says Mac Donald, “ ‘Diversity,’ it turns out, is simply a code word for narcissism.” She reports that UCSD lost three cancer researchers to Rice University, which offered them 40 percent pay increases. But UCSD found money to create a vice chancellorship for equity, diversity and inclusion."

Food for Thought - A Quote from our Founders
"Posterity, you will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in heaven that ever I took half the pains to preserve it."

-John Adams

Topic Five: No Plan in Europe
Walter Russell Mead argues that the Eurozone is just buying time: "The $125 billion Spanish bank bailout announced this weekend is more of the same: another temporary dose of pain meds that (we hope) prevents a market meltdown for a while but does not address the underlying conditions.

Fair enough, in a way; Via Meadia has no desire to see a full blown European financial panic and although the danger of the financial apocalypse has not been ended it has been successfully put off for a while. If the only thing you can do at the moment is buy time, we say, “Buy.”

The underlying problems of the eurozone remain, and they are likely to remain for some time. They are rooted in hard and unforgiving realities; policy makers cannot make these realities disappear with the wave of technocratic wands and so this saga is going to go on for a while."

Tomorrow in History
June 12, 1942 - For her thirteenth birthday, Anne Frank is given a diary, which she would use to record her feelings during the Nazi occupation.

Grab Bag - Interesting and Important Stories to Conclude Your Evening:
House to vote on Holder contempt charge

Obama says private sector 'doing fine'; S&P keeps negative outlook

Left pushes for $10 minimum wage

Wellesley High School graduation speaker delivers "You're not special" speech... available here

Pakistani 'Elmo' creators rake in cash; cancel show

Labor Dept. cancels plan to force reporters to use government-issued computers

Who is really doing 'fine' under Obama?

Cities banning feeding the homeless

American exceptionalism, based on the things we don't do

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