Monday, June 10, 2013

Show Your Need, NSA

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting, liberals forced gun owners to explain why they needed particular types of weapons (i.e. assault rifles and 30-round magazines). The most famous of these statements was New York Governor Andrew Cuomo screaming, "Forget the extremists! It's simple! No one hunts with an assault rifle! No one needs ten bullets to kill a deer!" (If you missed the clip, you can see it at the beginning of this video.)


If we are going to establish need as the necessary factor for obtaining a particular item, I can defend my position on assault rifles much better than the NSA can defend its position on my phone records.

Ladies and gentlemen of the NSA, can you please explain WHY you MUST have my phone records, Google searches, etc. in order to keep me safe?

You claim that it allows quick access to the phone records of those suspected of terrorism. However, I find it hard to believe that, with the authority of the United States Government behind you, you would have a difficult time obtaining these from the company with a specific warrant.

Furthermore, can you please define the word "terrorist", since the number two political official reportedly claimed that the politicians that represent my values were acting like terrorists. Will my phone records be subjected to additional scrutiny because of my political beliefs (like what happened at the IRS)?

If we are going to establish need as the prerequisite for possession, then it is time that liberals be forced to play by their own rules.